Methamphetamine Analysis

ZeroStone Composite Testing

Up to 10 sites at a property are tested using one kit. Any detected level of methamphetamine is a cumulative level of all the sites tested at the property. 

If the level of methamphetamine detected is less than, or equal to 1.5µg, further testing (ZeroStone Aliquot or ZeroStone Comprehensive) is recommended, as it may be that the contamination could be restricted to one room or area. 

The ZeroStone Composite test is ideal if you are sure that you will not have methamphetamine contamination in the property, or low level methamphetamine only.

It will not identify levels from individual rooms - if the composite level is high, further testing will be required to do that and will probably be requested by the company engaged to remediate the property.

Composite testing is essentially a screening test, backed by the assurance that scientific analysis gives, as opposed to in field testing kits.

It is the ZeroStone's cheapest testing option, but if levels are high, further testing (and costs) could be recommended/necessary.

ZeroStone Comprehensive Testing

Individual samples are taken from each room and sent for individual analysis.

A sample is taken from each room and analysed individually (rooms larger than 10m²  may require more than one sample).

This is the option that will give the most complete analysis of methamphetamine contamination in a property and will help any remediation company to compile a plan for the property's decontamination. 

ZeroStone Aliquot Testing

IIndividual samples are taken from each room. They are grouped together in sets of no more than 5 samples. A small sample (or Aliquot) is taken from each sample in a set and analysed. If the level from the aliquot is sufficiently low then no further testing of the samples in that group is required. However, if the level is high, each sample will then need to be individually tested. 

This testing may be less expensive than the ZeroStone Comprehensive testing (potentially significantly less expensive)

ZeroStone's Aliquot testing will NEVER be more expensive than Comprehensive testing.  

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