Testing Oral Fluids can have a range of benefits when it comes to drug testing. Some of those benefits are as follows:

  • Oral Fluid portable analyser systems make testing simpler and less subjective than "do it yourself" testing 

  • High cost of employee loss from urine drug test for recreational use

  • Employee demand for a fairer test of potential impairment – acute impairment

  • Considered less invasive

  • Less potential for cheating

  • No requirement for bathroom facility

Oral Fluid Drug Testing has had less uptake in New Zealand largely due to the perception it was not legally supported by a set of New Zealand Standards.

There are however many NZ Workplaces using Oral Fluid and the AS4760:2006 standards as its guideline since the launch of Standards complaint Oral Fluid Test devices and systems in New Zealand.


There are numerous benchmarks where New Zealand recognises Australian Standards as its own in the absence of a joint or individual standard.

Oral Fluid Testing and the pending Joint New Zealand Australian Standards for Oral fluid testing is specifically directed at the detection and quantitation of drugs in Oral Fluid recently used i.e within the acute impairment period.

There is much support of Oral Fluid as a drug test sample today as long as you use the correct and compliant product

Currently Australian and New Zealand Workplaces can utilise an Oral Fluid sample testing programme under AS 4760:2006

NB: A non-negative screening test using the Dräger DrugTest 5000 will (at present) need to be followed by a urine sample being taken and sent to CHL for analysis

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Credit Ann-Louise Anderson, inScience Ltd


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