ZeroStone can offer investigation for Defence Counsel, including;


  • Interview of relevant witnesses

  • Preparing formal written statements for Court

  • Briefing the witness for Court

  • Analysis of Prosecutorial disclosure

  • Comment on evidence in Prosecution case

  • Analysis of raw telephone call and text (SMS) data

  • Preparation of data into an easy to read, consistent format.

  • Filtering of irrelevant conversations and contacts

  • Preparation of text data for Court Presentation

  • Comment and analysis of complex UFED or XRY cellphone extractions

  • Comment and opinion on serious drug matters and evidence

Mike's 17 years of criminal investigation will assure Defence Counsel of insightful and relevant comment on criminal prosecutions

He is particularly skilled in telephone and text message analysis, and serious drug dealing investigation.  

He has worked on several major homicide investigations (Operation HUIA, Operation KAWEKA, Operation DELAWARE, Operation BRIDGE, Operation JANIS, Operation SHEPHERD)

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